Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Vivid Shine Collection, Part II


In my last post, I blogged & vlogged about the “Everyday Mermaid” look I created with products from Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Vivid Shine Collection and I said I’ll update with another look from the same collection and here it is!

This look is created with Fire Sapphire (what a beautiful name!) eyeshadow and Pink Riot lipstick! I don’t have a name for this look… let me know if you can think of one! (; Check out the details and write up for the eyeshadow and lipstick here. What I really like about the lipstick is how it was formulated with “diamond-like pearls” that creates the shimmer. Sounds as pretty as it looks! <3

Don’t think I’ve posted a picture of the set I received (although its on my Instagram), here is it!:

From left to right: Electric Mauve, Pink Riot, Purple Velvet, Ultra Marine and Fire Sapphire from Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Vivid Shine Collection.

Here’s how the nail lacquer looks on my nails. Mad love! <3 Gonna wear it loads!


There are 3 Nail Lacquer colours for this collection, all in Limited Edition and retails at S$26 each.
They are:

Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in Purple Velvet (Featured)
Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in Dressed to Kill
Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in Black Turquoise

Check out’s blog here as to how the other two nail lacquer looks like, I’m glad I got Purple Velvet because amongst the three it’s my favourite!

The Pure Color Vivid Shine Collection will be available at all Estée Lauder counters except for limited edition shades which are only available at Tangs Orchard, Takashimaya and Isetan Scotts from August 2012. (So better head down to town to see the full range!)

Guess what, it’s 1st August tmr and this means Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Vivid Shine Collection will be in-stores, no longer have to wait! (;


Ena Vlogs | Everyday Mermaid Look Featuring Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Vivid Shine Collection

I filmed a very short vlog last night, about the make up look I had. It’s been a very long time since I last vlogged and it took me a long time, almost 2 hours to get it right, despite it being a 2.5 min long video. Vlogging makes me exceedingly self-conscious because I personally don’t think I look very good on screen, only at certain angles and filming really accentuates that fact. I really take my hat off to youtube stars (Michelle Phan, Xteener, Frmheadtotoe) who are so natural at what they do. They are not only attractive but exceedingly confident which adds to their appeal.  Maybe, hopefully I’ll get better/more comfortable, with more vlogs.

Everyday Mermaid Look featuring Estée Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Products
– Vivid Shine Finish (Limited Edition) Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow in Ultra Marine
– Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Electric Mauve
– Pure Color High Gloss Ultra Brillance 07 Flashdance

Launching in August 2012

This Fall Estée Lauder and Tom Pecheux dare you to play in a world of bold, luminous and impactful color with new Pure Color Vivid Shine – the latest wave of shades that dazzle eyes, lips and nails with sparkling shine and chromatic color. This modern spectrum of color features new finishes and textures. Pure Color Vivid Shine is a collection of bold shades for women and makeup artists who want to indulge their love of color.

As a makeup artist, I need vivid color. Vivid Shine is inspired by the models and women I work with in Fashion.  I created this collection so every woman could play with color that is vibrant and alive.” -Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

PRISMATIC EYES                    

Accentuate eyes in a range of seductive, stylish shades that deliver maximum color impact and dimension with the newest Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows. Magnified, multi-faceted, magnificent, these future forward shadows define where innovation and high-style meet with a high-performance formula comprised of advanced technology and texture.

True Vision™ Technology — a crystalline (polymer) laminate that magnifies and amplifies color with a glowing metallic finish envelopes lids with high-intensity pigments in one velvety smooth application and a “tribrid” system of liquid, powder and gel all-in-one, creates exceptional, non-creasing, non-fading color and long-lasting wear that won’t fade. The formula also reaches new heights and dimensions with a bouncy malleable texture, for high-definition color impact that can go from matte to the highest chromatic shine. Accompanied by a specially designed sponge-mitt applicator, these versatile shadows can be worn dry for a sophisticated look, or wet for a bold, full color finish – making them every makeup artists’ dream!

Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows bring color to life in two weightless, incredibly smooth finishes:

Vivid Shine Finish: In this collection, there are 6 limited edition Vivid Shine shadows that feature a unique blend ofspecially treated glow and metallic pearl duo complex.  This luminous finish catches and reflects light, creating the purest levels of multi-dimensional color illumination for unforgettable eyes that glow!

Vivid Shine Finish (Limited Edition) Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow in Ultra Marine is featured in the vlog above.

Cyber Metallic Finish:  These 10 shimmering Cyber Metallic shades transform eyes to a hyper-metallic, futuristic look.


Saturated with color, sparkling shine and dimension, lips are the center of attention with new Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick. A breakthrough in lip color never experienced before, these gorgeous lipsticks range is a seductive spectrum of shades from vivid to sublime and are infused with powerful technologies and benefits.

True Vision™ Technology envelopes lips with decadent color, and a sheer, lustrous shine, while Amplified Dimensional Pearl Technology is a unique diamond-like pearl cluster consisting of up to eight different shaped and colored pearls. These pearls fuse together to reflect a multi-hued, multi-faceted spectrum of color for an amplified, sparkling finish on lips.  Each shade contains silver and gold sparkle pearls which neutralize lips, making them look beautiful on all skin tones for a faceted, sequined shine that sparkles.

Lips are further enhanced with Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick through exceptional benefits that include:

–        A new moisturizing texture saturates lips with sheer, creamy emollients that smooth and condition lips for hours – increasing lip moisturization by 23% in 4 weeks!
–        A natural polymer complex creates a pliable, glossy film network, providing lips with a sophisticated, dimensional shine that lasts for hours.
–        A high performance wax complex forms a matrix that entraps emollients and pigments in place on lips for lasting coverage and stay-true color in each and every shade.

Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Electric Mauve is featured in the vlog above.

For images of the full lipstick range and swatches, check out Gouldy’s reviews here.

I will be reviewing another set of eyeshadow, lipstick and nail lacquer with swatches from the same collection in another post. So stay tuned!



My Estée Lauder Makeover Experience

Estée Lauder’s Makeover preview night was a blast! And I’m not saying that simply because I’m an advocate for them but because it was really well organized; upon registration, hors d’oeurve, to the makeover, hair styling, photo shoot, collection of the complimentary photo and till the product purchase and redemption counter. My friends and I were remarking about how unexpectedly enjoyable the makeover was. Experiencing the makeover for the first time with my friends added a lot of excitement and joy to it. ^^

Intro was really long huh, I’ll now let the pictures do the talking. (;

Hair Styling @ Vive Salon

The evening started with hair styling at Vive Salon. The other 2 advocates and I had our hair washed/rinsed before our styling. Btw, that’s Jac‘s back view with her red Kate Spade bag.(: I was attended to by Gina, so if you like how my hair was styled, you can look for her to recreate the look or get her expertise to design a look for you. Vive Salon is on the 5th level of Paragon.

Pre Estée Lauder Makeover

After our hair was styled, we proceeded to the makeover area which takes up most of Paragon’s level one atrium, just in front of Coach boutique. That’s my au natural face and my fringe pinned up! I really love the Estée Lauder’s make up box with all the skincare and cosmetic goodies… It’s like a girl’s dream to own one and being skilled to create the magic on herself and on others. Speaking of which, one of my upcoming goals is to attend a course on professional/semi-pro make up so that I can learn how to better apply make up as well as teach others! (:

Estée Lauder Romantic Look

This was the look I chose for the makeover! Romantic look, with a darker purple eyeshadow. The lady featured on pamphlet is also one of Estée Lauder’s social media advocate, Eunice Leong.

With Estée Lauder MUA Tanny

Picture taken with the make up artist Tanny who created my look. (: She looks unbelievably young for her age (40) because she has been using Estée Lauder’s acclaimed Advance Night Repair (ANR) for almost 20 years, since her late teens. I was very impressed that she started using it since she was so young and she said it was because it’s due to her aunty’s influence who recommended it to her. I asked her how long a 100ml bottle can last her, and she says 3 months. Which is not bad considering how some product lasts only a month long.

A picture with Joan from Estée Lauder with a bevy of models behind us.

There were quotes from Estée Lauder models printed on the walls and this quote by Joan Smalls was on the wall near where I had my makeover and it’s also very close to my personal definition of beauty.

As advocates, we had video interview conducted individually, to be posted on to the event website (which I will upload the link when it’s out, I am both excited and apprehensive about how it turns out and how i look on screen! :P) and one of the question asked was “What is your definition of beauty.” And my answer is:

“Beauty to me is having a positive outlook in life and having a confident personality.”  – Ena Teo Jia En

I thought of this even before I saw Joan Small’s quote okay! ^^ Anyway I’m inspired to design my own “wall/ picture quote”. I shall and then upload on Pinterest, lol.

My lovely friend Belle, Pre Makeover Look

Meet my lovely friend Christabelle, in her pre-makeover look. I love how we are comfortable in our own skin without makeup! Girls, always remember to strive to have good radiant skin so that make up is only an added bonus to enhance your features, add (trendy/for vanity’s sake) colour to your face!

Belle having her hair styled
Hair Styling done by Vive Salon

After the make up, there are two rows of counters dedicated to hair styling by Vive Salon personnel.

Photo attack on V rejected

V here refused to be photographed by me. ): She looks good without make up btw! But alas, I think she is shy.

YL all calm and composed

YL’s all calm and composed as she is enjoying her makeover by Tanny as well.

After we all had our makeovers and hair styled, we had a group photo-taking! I was telling Belle and YL after the makeover that I was very happy to have them down for the event. Because truly, when Joy is shared, it is doubled and moreover I had 3 friends with me so my Joy was tripled! I am so blessed. :’)

Speaking of blessed, I am glad I got to meet Wee Tsu, one of the winner of the giveaway and her invite, Rachel. We took a picture for memory but she requested not to post the photo. It was really nice getting to meet and know them. I hope I get to interact more in the future with my blog/FB followers in real life!

Group Shot with Belle, YL & V
Estée Lauder Makeover Group Shot 2
Behind the scene photo of my individual photo shoot. Haha!

The photographer was amazingly fast, he was like “thunder-lighting” fast, as Belle would say. The group and individual shoot time was all of about 5 minutes respectively!

My Estée Lauder Makeover Photo

There were about 7 looks taken and I chose to develop a more offbeat look for my take home photo because it’s different from what most chose. This is a “Hey-I’m-peering-over-my-vanity-table-oh-you-caught-me-oops” look. I totally won’t have dared to pose like that but it was the photographer’s idea. Told you he was good. (;

Estée Lauder Preview Night Door Gift

The Estée Lauder preview night door gift included a Sensuous Nude perfume, Tempting Melon nail lacquer and pure color 18 Bois de Rose lipstick.

Scene of CBD from Singapore Flyer

Right after the makeover, YL and I cabbed down to the flyer where her family was waiting for us. She redeemed tickets from her company and invited me along! It was a truly eventful night for us. I will blog about my first experience on the flyer in another post, so this is only a teaser/preview photo! (:

Do follow Estée Lauder Sg FB page here for updates as well as be ready for giveaways when they are happening! (;

To end off, I want to thank Estée Lauder’s generosity in hosting my friends and FB giveaway winners. Many thanks also to the lovely team at Estée Lauder who worked hard and is still working hard all of this week to allow us and many more women to have their “best” look!  Having experienced it and had so much fun with my friends, I would strongly recommend you to register for the event with your best friend(s). To register, click here. for more details, click below!

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Blessed 22nd Birthday

Hello! Firstly I would like to extend a warm welcome to all my new readers, as I have a substantial amount of new readers from my current giveaway. (See here.) Secondly I would  like to thank all my friends who have supported me in this giveaway by liking my Facebook page, liking the giveaway and sharing the giveaway with their friends on Facebook.

Also, I have activated my personal Facebook account’s Subscribers function so please subscribe here! There isn’t much public information at the moment, as I have not yet figured out the privacy settings on Facebook (taking a bit more time than I expected) but I will figure it out! (: When I’m done, I will also add a personal account Facebook badge on the side bar of my blog. There’s so many things I’d like to do, like adding a page on people who inspire me, I need to stop procrastinating!

So, you should probably know by now that I’m a 22 year old lady! Woohoo! *twirls around with confetti in the air* I would like to thank my Father God in heaven, my family and friends who have supported me through the last 21 years and made me who I am today. Also thank you all who have taken the special effort to wish me Happy Birthday in face, call, SMS, Twitter and Facebook! (Yes in that order, I am particular like that. :P)

My birthday week isn’t even over yet but I am already overflowing with blessings from the 5 weekdays and I am so grateful to God and everyone who has made all these happiness and joy of mine possible. :’) Thank you, thank you and thank you.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know that I was at Estée Lauder’s HQ office on Monday evening as I was shortlisted to be their Social Media Advocate. After an interview with the lovely Estée Lauder marketing ladies Amelia and Joan, I was confirmed to be selected as Estée Lauder’s Social Media Advocate. It’s an appointment which I will soon update across all my social media platform profiles. I am extremely elated and grateful. 🙂

On my birthday itself, I went out with bestie @Yinglingahh for dinner, shoe-shopping (her gift to me) plus desserts! She wrote a really sweet blog post for me, thanks dear! As she wish to be more low key, I won’t post the link to her blog, but it’s on my blog somewhere! 🙂

Shoe Shopping with YL

Our Cafe Bistro East Side Brownie.

I12’s Cafe Bistro East Side Brownie

It was too much for us, we only finished about half a brownie each! The serving size is great, the brownie is compact and not the fluffy kind. The vanilla ice-cream is awesome, the dessert was definitely too sweet, but I’ve got a sweet tooth anyway so I don’t mind. By the way, Cafe Bistro at I12 Katong has a 50% discount for their coffees, cakes and pastries after 9pm. They also have a one for one main course promotion on weekdays, great deals people!

Dinner with Jingwei on Wed at Bedok Point Bishamon. This dish, my friends is super tasty, I love it! Thanks Jingwei for the treat, I am so loved by my friends. ^^

Then when I returned home… guess what was waiting for me ?

Bag of Love containing Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Vivid Shine Cosmetics
Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Vivid Shine Cosmetics

Can’t wait to do a review on these beauties!

Just yesterday, I had a lunch meeting with my dearest mentor, Aunty Mei Yoke whom we (her mentees in church) affectionately call AMY! (:

With my mentor, over our Thai Express Birthday Platter. (:

Then I went to office to collect…

Thankful for my ERA Namecard & License Tag

So yes, my dear readers, if you need any real estate services or advice, feel free to email me at teojiaen90 @ (without the spaces) and call me at 9171 8768. (; I will also be setting up a separate blog and twitter account to update on Singapore’s real estate news and my take on the industry. Will post up the links when they are up!

Then it was training time at Estée Lauder’s counter at Isetan Scotts. ^^

Before training at Isetan Scotts Estée Lauder

First up was a skin consultation with staff counter, Nabilah. Estée Lauder has many product ranges to cater to women’s specific beauty concerns. And as my main concern was to refine pores, I was recommended the Refining and Minimizing Pore set.

Estée Lauder’s Refining Pore Minimizing set

From Left to Right: CyberWhite Briliant Cell Protection Lotion (Sunscreen Lotion), Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, Optimizer Pore Minimizing Boosting Lotion, Hydrationist Maximizing Moisture Creme for Normal/Combination skin, Advance Night Repair (Estée Lauder’s number one best seller for last 30 years) and Advance Night Repair Eye cream.

Testing Estée Lauder’s Refining Pore Minimizing set

Testing out Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, & Hydrationist Maximizing Moisture Creme for Normal/Combination skin.

After prepping the face, it’s time for Fatigue Fighter. Basically combining Estée Lauder’s double wear concealer and ANR eye creme.

Estée Lauder’s Fatigue Fighter Step
Estée Lauder’s Fatigue Fighter Duo

Training together with the other Estée Lauder’s social advocate, Jacqueline (@behindthebasics, her blog here.) Side tracking a little, she has a great sense of humour and her blog is a delightful read, do check it out!

During training with Jac (@behindthebasics) ^^
After Estée Lauder’s 5 Steps & Simply Smokey Look
With & Without Makeup. Every woman can be beautiful – Estée Lauder.
 Do follow me on Instagram and Twitter, to receive updates on the go! 😉 I have also received a few of products featured during the training above which I am excited to review soon! Will post pictures on Instagram soon. 😀
So it’s the last few hours for Enabalista’s first Giveaway! Please show your support by liking the Facebook page, taking part and sharing the giveaway with your friends! (:
Check out the Giveaway here!

Key Looks | Versace Fall 2012 Couture Collection

I fell in love with Versace Fall 2012 Collection when I saw it first released on Jessica Alba puts it best: “sexy, strong, warrior.”

Here are my top 4 favourite looks from this collection which will definitely be etched in my mind. I love how the designs of this collection is very fluid, flowy yet daring and empowering. Very fitting for a modern lady that’s unafraid of her femininity, sexuality and ability.

This is the key look released on’s front page:

First Look featuring model Lindsey Wixson:

Dresses fitting for a princess / wedding bride:

Images taken from here.

Which is your favourite look?


Estee Lauder Every Woman Can Be Beautiful Workshop & Makeover 24-29 July

I am thrilled to share with you about Estée Lauder’s upcoming “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” Workshop & Makeover!

Believe you can be beautiful and let Estée Lauder show you how at its celebration of beauty this July. You will be able to discover new tricks during the week long makeovers and workshops and find the perfect look for your lifestyle.

Estée Lauder celebrates the beauty in all of us. In the following series of images, read and see how each of the 8 modern everyday women have discovered an Estée Lauder look that suits their lifestyle and enhances their beauty.

1. Estée Lauder Professional Look

 2. Estée Lauder Fashion Show Look

 3. Estée Lauder Edgy Look

4. Estée Lauder Clubbing Look

5. Estée Lauder Gym Look

6. Estée Lauder High Tea Look

7. Estée Lauder Gala Look8. Estée Lauder Romantic Date Look

My top 3 favourite looks are:

1. Estée Lauder Professional Look – Great when I meet clients, attending meetings or have to make a presentation. It’s a healthy and well-groomed look.

2. Estée Lauder Clubbing Look – A young and vibrant look ideal for those special events or night outs with my friends.

3. Estée Lauder Romantic Look – Not necessarily worn for dates only, this is a sweet look that is suitable for everyday wear as well!

Makeover Details:
Choose a look that suits your lifestyle, professional hairstyling and hair service voucher by Vive Hair Salon, and a 6R makeover shot of your new look by PictureWorks. Registration costs $120 (fully redeemable for Estée Lauder products at the event).

Workshop Details:
Hurry and book now – seats are limited!
Registration costs $120 (fully redeemable for Estée Lauder products at the event).

In essence, It is equivalent to paying for $120 worth of Estée Lauder products and getting the Makeover or Workshop free. You will be learning from experts on how to effectively utilize the products for a look that best suits your lifestyle.

If you are considering to sign up for the Makeover or Workshop, do register before July 22 (Sunday) for a four-piece beauty kit and a free three-month magazine subscription.

Visit the direct online registration page here for more details.

I will be attending the Makeover on 23 July, Monday night (by invite only), along with a few friends as well as winners of my current Facebook page Giveaway here. Do take part in the ongoing giveaway and share the good news with your friends!

Thank you if you have already taken part in the giveaway and I wish you the best of luck! I will be using an online randomizer to help me pick out the winners on Saturday.

Do follow Estée Lauder Sg FB page here for updates as well as be ready for giveaways when they are happening! (;

Let me know if you have any queries and I’ll be glad to answer them!


Estee Lauder Beauty Makeover Giveaway

I’m real glad to announce that I’ve been selected to be Estée Lauder’s social advocate and that means goodies for my followers as well! 🙂

I have 2 pairs of Estée Lauder Beauty Makeover tickets for giveaway! It will be for 23 July evening, 7pm at Paragon. Each individual Makeover is priced at $120. The giveaway is open from now till 20 July, midnight. 2 lucky winners will be revealed by Saturday, 12pm. Each winner will be able to bring a friend along! (Ask your friend to take part in this giveaway to up your chances.) Please ensure that you are available to attend the event on 23 July!

All you need to do is to :

1. Like the Enabalista Facebook page here.

2. Share the giveaway (here) on Facebook and

3. Comment on the Facebook Giveaway photo (here) “I can be beautiful.”

Sorry to my international readers, this is only limited to Singapore, unless you are able to come down for the event at Paragon! 😉


Sponsored Review | Mentholatum Medicated Lip Gels

In this installment of Mentholatum Sponsored Review (once again many thanks to the kind folks at Mentholatum & EK Media), I will be reviewing the Mentholatum Medicated Lip Gels which were introduced in May. The three Lip Gels came in three different colours albeit with the same shape and packaging format. I generally prefer to use Lip Balms over Lip Gels because Lip Balms are  more matt/less sticky. Nonetheless I was quite intrigued to test these babies out because it would be fun to make comparisons between them three. Compact and handy. Shaped for convenient application. Swatch-ing done on hand reveals colourless gels. Mentholatum Medicated Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel

Mentholatum Medicated Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel would be more appropriately named the “Intensive Moisturizing Lip Gel” because that’s exactly what it does. Hyaluronic Acid is “a substance that is naturally present in the human body. It is found in the highest concentrations in fluids in the eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid is also used as a lip filler in plastic surgery. Some people apply hyaluronic acid to the skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer. (Source: here.)” When applied on the lips it feels like an intensive water treatment, and it really does “lock in moisture” as boasted on the packaging. It is scentless and tasteless. I would strongly recommend this to people who find that their lips are drying or cracking due to lack of moisture either under the sun or in air-con environment. It would also serve as a very good base before applying lipstick.

Mentholatum Medicated Vitamin Lip Gel

Mentholatum Medicated Vitamin Lip Gel is a lip gel that protects and repairs dry chapped lips. With a hint of citrus flavour, it is also the only scented lip gel among the 3 lip gels. The gel is formulated to hasten recovery of dry lips with Vitamins C and E and to maintain healthy lips with Vitamins A and B2. I would recommend this lip gel to anyone who experiences chapped lips due to extreme weather or unpredicted circumstances, as well as for lovers of citrus flavour. (; 

Mentholatum Medicated Q10 Lip Gel

Mentholatum Medicated Q10 Lip Gel is formulated for those who wish to maintain healthy youthful-looking lips. Q10 refers to Coenzyme Q10 which is essentially a substance that serves as an anti-oxidant which thus helps maintain youthful lips. The Q10 lip gel has the thickest consistency among the three gels and thus it creates the most supple-feeling. Although it is the Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gel that has Collagen, it is the Q10 that feels like it has Collagen. I would recommend this lip gel to people who prefer a more tangible protection over their lips and of course to people who like having their lip gel in a pink tube. (;

Pictured with the Q10 Lip Gel and a hint of YSL Rouge Pur Couture 26.

If I had to choose between the 3 lip gels, I would definitely pick the Q10 Lip Gel based on how is looks (I know right, girls can be so superficial :P) but after testing out the 3, I would buy the Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Lip Gel because I really love the intensive moisturizing effect it has.

Free Samples

Do Like Lipice (Sg) FB page to redeem a LipIce Sheer Colour Sample!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I would like to know, which Lip Gel is the one that suits your need the most and why? Comment! (;

Sponsored Review | Sunplay’s NEW Watery Cool Mist SPF75 & Watery Cool Sunblock SPF65

I have all the reason to brave the hot sun and harmful UV rays for the whole of this year because in addition to the Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++ I have also been sponsored Sunplay’s new Sunplay Watery Cool Mist UV Spray SPF75 plus Sunplay Watery Cool Sunblock SPF65 ! I’m a very happy girl. (;

And can I just say I really love the Sunplay’s new Sunplay Watery Cool Mist UV Spray SPF75? It smells so good… kind of like a refreshing men’s deodorant. Haha!

Sunplay NEW Watery Cool UV Mist SPF75 PA+++
Net Wt. 150ml, Retail Sales Price: $17.90

My review:

As I’ve let on earlier, Sunplay’s Watery Cool Mist SPF75 has a very refreshing and manly scent that’s sure to keep you fresh. As seen in the above picture, the mist is transparent, leaving no colour or traces. It is also a far lighter sun protection substance compared to the Sunblocks. I have not had the chance to apply it several times and test the actual protection but I foresee one might need some practice to ensure proper, all-round proof coverage because of it’s transparent and lightness. It is also advised on the bottle to reapply after swimming, perspiration or sun exposure for maximum exposure.

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65 PA+++
Net Wt. 35g, Retail Sales Price: $17.20 

My review:

Sunplay Watery Cool Sunblock SPF65 is a white liquid based Sunblock but upon application it leaves no trace and is very light, non-greasy and has a mint scent to boot. It’s water-resistance attribute makes it ideal for swimming or any water-based activity.

Free Samples

If you’d also like some sunblock lovin’, redeem your free Sunplay Superblock SPF 130 PA+++ travel size sample when you ‘LIKE’ Sunplay sg on Facebook here.

Be protected with Sunplay and you can play and stay care-free under the Sun and in the water!

I have recently created an Enabalista Facebook page. Please show some love and like the page to receive updates on your Facebook! To access, click —> here <— (;


Trending | Sweet Pastels Summer 2012

In the last installment of my Trending | Summer posts, I bring one of Summer’s hottest trend, Sweet Pastels. It’s evidently all over Pinterest, runways and high street fashion boutiques and great news is, it’s a trend that’s passing over to Fall. So expect lots of pastels even in Fall! (;

Check out some of the hottest celebs, Demi Lovato, Blake Lively and Emma Watson in Pastels:

Demi Lovato Blake Lively Emma Watson Pastel image from

On the runway:

Catwalk Report SS12 Pastels image from Harpers Bazaar UK

A few pieces I love found online:

1. Dream Jumper

Available here.

2. Cotton Candy Dress

Available here.

3. Current/Elliott Washed Neon Green Stiletto Skinny

Available here.

4.  Arabella Neon Thread Chain Bracelet Neon 

Available here.

Have a happy summer and have lots of sweet ice creams! 😉