ICB Styling Event with Jerome Awasthi @ Wisma Isetan

Two Saturdays ago, I invited my friend Xue Li to attend ICB Styling event. I was invited by Heat Branding which I took up the offer just to see what it’ll be like. I’m certainly glad I attended as it was an enjoyable experience. More than a fashion show, it was a more personal experience hosted by acclaimed stylist Jerome Awasthi as he spoke about how he styled the girls and why and explained in greater detail about the products, about the materials and design. It definitely made fashion come alive and interesting even for Xue Li, a more science-inclined student who felt she learnt a lot more about fashion. 🙂

The store at Wisma Isetan, level 2.

The hanger full of clothes before the event started.

The lookbook in-store.

There was a free-flow of tasty punch and finger food like tarts and chocs! I should have taken photos of them. Lol.

Jerome starts with the first model and shares how the first look can be casual but with a slight change, she can look different. So he sends her away to transform…

Out comes the second model and he dons on her a fur stole which is a beautiful winter item although totally not suitable for Singapore. I still love it. Haha.Model one is back in the same top but now in a girl pleated skirt and leather jacket which makes her appear formal yet feminine at the same time!

Model 2 appears again, in a trench coat which Jerome demonstrates different ways of tie-ing the belt.

Then she undresses the trench to reveal what she’s wearing within!

A casual knitted dress. Which was shapeless till Jerome skinny belted it! 🙂

I like this oxford wedges!

Next up a series of transformation with the same versatile scarf. Wrapped around!

Or like a hanging top.

Or like a vest!

My favourite look is the one on the left! With matching burgundy/maroon red stockings, bag and top! It’s beautiful for this Christmas! And very Blair from gossip girl. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post as I did for the styling event! 🙂

Stay beautiful, inside and out!


I actually have a few more photos to upload from the event but alas, wordpress uploading is quite a hassle and I’m already tired… I will blog soon! 🙂 Please leave comments for me! 🙂 <3

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