Ena Vlogs | of Awkward Turtles & Clear Shampoo


I had my fringe trimmed! Nice? 🙂

I decided to do a short vlog… so here it is!

Am asking around to find a willing guy friend to review the shampoo, hehe. Quite excited to write about the review post soon! I realize I do like to review products. So if you have any products you would like me to review, drop me an email! 😉

I have two more posts coming up, ICB styling event from 2 weeks ago and my friend’s 21st birthday last week! I wanted to post them tonight but it’s quite late already so I’ll leave it for next time! 😛 Time flies! It’s been one month since I started internship, I’m halfway through! I am really missing holidays though… increasingly I wish i was “en vacances” which means on holiday in french. Sighhh. Looking on the bright side, I do enjoy my work at the chamber because of my friendly colleagues although this week has been pretty stressful and hectic… with many deadlines and due dates.

I always try to remember stuff to blog/vlog about but when I do come down to it, I forget all of them! I really should jot ideas down… I am going to join my friend Sofie for her wedding decoration meeting tomorrow night! She is having a Marie Antoinette theme which is really cool! 😉

My french class exam is in like 2 weeks time!!! Hahaha I need to start revision! It’s like so many grammar rules to remember! When I revise till the end, I forget what I learnt at the beginning! -_-

So! Drop me a comment and show me some love! (: <3 <3 <3


6 thoughts on “Ena Vlogs | of Awkward Turtles & Clear Shampoo”

  1. hello i am ur fan-si (lulu)
    btw is that shampoo in the toilet for GUYS?? my gdness i have been using it for two days! *gasps* no wonder i feel my hair doesnt smell like a girl 🙁

  2. Hahaha no la! The one in the toilet is for girls. The one for guys is on my desk waiting to pass to my friend Martin! 😀 And the smell is so nice! If you are using the Hair fall control one. The anti dandruff one is minty and more manly. hehe.

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