Onward Japanese Fashion Show | ICB, DipDrops & Rosebullet

Thanks to HEAT Branding, through a competition held on Insing.com , I won tickets to visit Onward Kashiyama Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Showcase @ Avalon. The original price of the ticket which includes access and one drink was $35 and I won tickets for a guest and myself! There were many Japanese that paid to watch the show that night, I am so blessed! 🙂

If you read my last article, you would know that I invited Gilda of Revasseur to attend the show with me.

That night, Onward Kashiyama Japanese fashion house introduced three retail concepts in a high-energy creative presentation. Invited guests and media were shown a premier showcase of the ICB, Rosebullet and DipDrops Autumn/Winter collections. 😀

I’ll let the photos do the talking~ Credits to Gilda for the sharp images and no credits to me for the blurry ones. 😛

ICB features grown up, office lady looks.

Before DipDrops came on, there was a live hair show by Shunji Matsuo featuring Malaysian blogger Cheesie of Cheeserland as model! 😀

Second in line, DipDrops FW 2011 collection had a distinctive British influence to it.

Lastly, Rosebullet showed a mixed collection of urban and laidback country floral styles. Before the models came strutting in, there seemed like a group of ‘normal’ girls prancing on the stage and then they settled in a corner of the stage, drinking champagne. We had no idea who they were and what they were doing but they did bring some entertainment. Perhaps Rosebullet was trying to convey that the ‘everyday’ girl can look equally charming, cute and attractive as the professional models. 🙂

To end off, a cute albeit blurry photo taken with Gilda and Kenneth and Andrew, designers of Depression! 🙂

They gave out really nice canvas tote bag with vouchers as door gifts! Sorry I won’t be posting photos of them cause I gave the vouchers away! 🙂 If you fancy the clothes, do visit Dip Drops at 313@Somerset (#03-09/10) or at the Rosebullet boutique located at Marina Bay Sands (B2-116, Canal Level)! 😉

Can’t get enough? Check out FeverAvenue’s more thorough coverage of the show here. 😉
School’s out and internship’s (sadly not holiday :/) in! I received positive news last Friday that I was given an internship placement with French Chambre of Commerce Singapore (FCCS). I am glad and I hope to put my limited French to good use and pick up a lot more in my 2 months there!
Blogging really takes time, hopefully I will be able to keep up and have more interesting stuff to blog about! 😛 I have so many stuff to blog about… My recent occupation with end of year’s presentations and submissions have resulted in blogging ‘back log’ :/ For a long ‘preview’, next up will be the 100 Friends Exhibition and I will combine that with a night out with Jacq and Char where we went for a very uneventful magazine bash but followed by a very interesting beer celebration… Next next will probably be a short one on my first halloween ‘party’ experience! 😉
That’s all for now, wishing all of you the best of health and a blessed week ahead! <3

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