Wrapping up SS 2011

As we are transitioning into Fall Winter 2011, I reckon I’d better review two of my favourite Spring Summer 2011 collections before it’s too late.

First up, we have Dolce & Gabbana’s incredible collection of seamless integration of lace with floral and leopard prints. Not surprisingly, these fabrics are SS 2011’s top trends.

I’m not one who hankers after branded items, but if I could pick any 2 item from all of SS 2011 collections, I’d pick the the lace and leopard dress and the see-through lace bag from Dolce & Gabanna. ♥-♥
Next up we have Emilio Pucci‘s grecian and breezy collection. My first impression from this collection was how much it reminded me of Charlie’s Angels. Charlie’s Angels inspire and oozes sexiness, hotness and power. Now, that’s a standard perhaps many designers try to reach but few do.

I believe the pictures pretty much speaks for themselves but I shall stress that I simply love and adore the prints, the feminine, soft and flow-y designs featured in this collection.
If summer is meant for the beach, resorts and everything related to holiday-ing under the sun and on the sand, this is one collection that hits the nail and brings it home. Well done, Peter Dundas.
All images credits to http://www.style.com/

Stylin’ in August!


August is zooming by and soon it’ll be September in a blink of an eye! I hope you’ve been enjoying August like I am! 😀

Here are the rest of the pics from Monday when Bini came over to my house for some playful styling!

Wore my heart-printed dress from Shenzhen to school that day! Matched it with red cardigan and white bow headband. Been carrying my LizClaiborne gold bag everywhere since I got it! (Gift from Mum’s friend :D) I think the red, blue and gold is very parisian, tres chic. Heh.

Look 1: Country girl~

Matched the dark blue lace dress (worn as top here) with denim blue vest. The lace skirt goes with the white rosettes on the vest. Beige heels completes the look!

Look 2: Chic girl

Here I’m wearing one of my favourite outerwear, a Korean multi-pastel-coloured tweed jacket with a plain white singlet underneath and H&M colour-block skirt.
Look 3: Girly Grunge
Matched the knitted brown top with lace-tiered skirt. Unusual and slightly quirky. For a more regular look, I can match the top with long skinny jeans as well.
Look 4: Boho-country
We were going kinda crazy and we got this look. Multi-layered top with singlet, Mango purple-blue plaid top, denim vest, pink skirt. The gold belt adds a zany twist to the look and the blue polka dot sandals makes the look ‘pop’! Hah! On the left photo, I was channeling my best Haute couture hunch-back pose and the look on the right is a candid happy pose. Heh.
Hope you had fun reading this post as much as we did coming up with the styles! 😛

22 Aug 2011: Happy Happenings~! :)


My school day started with Visualization and Presentation Digital class which consisted of everyone presenting their Concept board. I did my concept board on an advertisement for ‘Summer Time’ watch. I had fun doing the homework assignment! Heh.

After school, Bini and I signed up for French Elementary class at Alliance Francaise Singapore! Quite excited to have finally signed up for the class after saying we want to for a long time.

Then Bini came over to my house for a sumptuous dinner that my mummy prepared! Loved the wintermelon soup, braised pork, lemon spicy sauce fried fish. Should have taken photos of it, will do so next time! 😀

After dinner, a short impromptu dressing up fun ensued in my bedroom… 😛

Here’s a preview, I will upload the rest another day!

I really like my new H&M multi-coloured oh-so-summer skirt! 😀

I’ve been going for facial treatments at New York Skin Solutions (Simei Branch) lately and I feel my skin has been improving since! Quite happy about it! Should you require treatment for any facial skin condition, let me know and I’ll be glad to ask my consultant for a complimentary, no-obligation skin test and facial treatment for you. 🙂

A D-I-Y pic of Bini done my yours truly on photoshop! Hehe.

To fund my French language studies, I will be taking up tutoring assignments. I plan to apply online. However if you know anyone who require English, Literature, and/or Art & Design tuition (Primary to Junior College levels) please do me a favour and let me know via email at preciousicyflame@hotmail.com. I will be glad to provide my resume and certifications on request. 🙂

God bless!


My views on PM Lee’s National Day Rally Speech 2011

I am quite touched by the speech PM Lee gave during National Day Rally. To be honest, I caught the first few minutes on television but then got bored and decided to stop watching. But tonight my parents were talking about how Singaporeans have praised PM Lee for his good speech and so I went to check it out online. You can read it here.

Halfway through reading the speech, I was quite jaded and didn’t read anything new that I have not read before. The troubles we face; foreign migrants, housing and transport issues that gives rise to the people’s unhappiness. And how he reassures us that the various ministries are looking in to the issues and are doing their best to find solutions.

The speech only started to be interesting when he provided tangible solutions. Such as raising the income ceiling for HDB and EC to $10,000 and $12,000 respectively and increasing the number of BTO houses for the coming year to keep HDB “available and affordable” for all.

And pertaining to the people’s complaints about the lack of a degree education placing in Singapore, the government have responded by increasing the placements for locals to an additional of 2000 a year, which is supposedly a whole cohort for SMU. This is a good move, but alas a belated one. I can attest to the number of my friends who had to move on to a private university with exorbitant prices and they will have to bear the burden of their education debt for a good few longer years than those who could enjoy local university education. I weep for my friends, but yet I rejoice for the cohorts that will get to enjoy these new measures.

I believe the reason why Singaporeans are particularly touched and impressed with PM Lee’s speech is because he represents the government in showing genuine sincerity of implementing positive changes to our country after hearing (finally, I may add) our cries and as well reassuring us repeatedly that Singaporeans are priority and will be given priority in important matters such as housing, education and healthcare. It is not an easy task that the government has to undertake and though they may not have done the best of job in recent years and had a few slip ups here and there, they show genuine passion to do things even better now and onwards.

PM Lee ended the speech with many quotes and stories taken from inspirational Singaporeans and how they represent the Singapore spirit. Singaporeans that may come from a disadvantaged background but persists on and is rewarded by their hard-work.

From PM Lee’s NDR speech, I have come to realize that to be a good and admirable leader, one has to remind the people of the storms they have braved and made it through together and it is the same strong spirit that can bring them through the tough times ahead. The failures of the past are also there as a lesson for us to learn and to move on from. There is no point in blame shifting but to provide effective solutions with a positive attitude. And most of all, he is also to remind and inspire the people of their strength, the attitude, spirit and direction he wants them to move forward in.

I may have my fair share of complaints about the government sometimes (especially when suffering on public transport during peak hours!) and I still believe that the people must and should always be on the alert and give constructive and timely feedback to the government. But I am also very grateful to God and the various ministers and public servants that have toiled long and hard to keep our country, the clean, green and efficient city-state that I will always be (and hopefully increasingly) proud to call home. 🙂

I <3 Singapore!


Still in holiday mood… oops!

School has started for 2 weeks but it honestly doesn’t feel like it. My friends and I have been enjoying lectures and classes and even collecting research for our project! After classes we’d go for lunch near by and watch movies! 😀 So for now, I’m definitely one spoilt student… 😛

Some photos from the past 2 weeks!

Here’s what I wore to Nation Pride launch at Millenia Walk Parco Next Next showcasing works by young designers!

Ian asked me to check out the event but I didn’t have a ticket. So I asked Kenny, designer of Depression for one but it turned out that the event was pretty open and one didn’t need a ticket to enter after all. Check out Fever Avenue’s coverage of the launch here. Unfortunately for me, they posted a not-so-pretty photo of me there. If it was nice, i’d have uploaded it here. Haha!

And then on 6 August, I went for Elle Beauty Box Make-over, courtesy of Benefit! I actually won it by sms-ing in after reading the advertisement on Elle Mag. 😀

The make-up artist’s called Jia Hui (like my sister) and I like the apron skirt she’s wearing.

This is the array of make up they have for the make-over!

There after I went to meet up with Bini for a bit at her home. Here’s a pretty photo of the gal. I was pretty impressed with her dress, at the unique plastic like material and the wonderful sewing, you can’t see it from this photo but the lines on the dress fits perfectly at the seams. So I said to her, “This is a really pretty dress, where did you get it from?” And she replied, “Of course, it’s LV!” Hahaha can’t expect no less from this girl. 😛

Here’s a pic of me at her home.

There after, I met up with my cell at Kallang Leisure Park Mall for dinner before heading to Festival of Praise! Check out the pretty lights and venue packed with christians! 🙂 I enjoyed the praise and worship led by American band New Life and the sermon by John Bevere, author of “Driven by Eternity”.

To end off, here’s a final pic of a healthy snack/dessert/breakfast meal! It’s a very simple recipe.

Blueberries (I recommend Oregon)
Cornflakes (Kellogg’s)
Milk or Yougurt

Wash the berries
Slice strawberries to desired size
Add Cornflakes
Add milk or yougurt


Adv | Vote for your favourite Visumé organized by PreVView!


Some time back, I wrote a post about PreVView, Asia’s First Interactive Video Job Portal and how they are holding a competition titled Visumé Wars, here.

The competitors have uploaded their Visumé, so now its the time to vote! Check them out at http://www.prevview.com/visumewars/index.php/user and vote for your favourite Visumé!

I have voted for Ting Xuan Tan, because I think he has the most creative and engaging Visumé!

Have fun checking out and voting for the Visumés! 😉


Sponsored Review | Club Couture

Hellllooo Everybody! I hope August has been treating you all well so far! 🙂

Today I have some pictures to share, of the dresses that Club Couture has so generously sponsored me! 😉

In the first grey dress, I’m channelling art-school-hippy vibe with the addition of the vibrant scarf and silver ‘peace’ symbol earring.

Over here in the second photo is a black dress that’s perfect for a formal dinner. I love the black and gold classic combination (yes, there are days when I am not going for black and pink combi :P), so I’ve matched the black dress with black and gold accessories, bag and shoes!

Last but not the least, check out this colourblock fuschia dress! I paired it with matching fuschia earrings, studded shoes and bracelet! I imagine this is a what a rockstar producer/manager (someone who produces/manages rockstars) would dress like! 😉

You can buy the colourblock fuschia dress here.
Club Couture has just launched their Club Couture Premium collection so be sure to check them out their for to-die-for dresses, here!
Quote offer code CCBLOG15 upon checkout and you’d receive a 15% discount for being my awesome reader! 🙂
Credits to my sister, Lu Jia for helping me take the photos. Thank you jie jie! 🙂
Trivia: I took the photos in my bedroom. And the canvas with the heart is a mini artwork done by yours truly. 😛