3 Important Things You’d Want to Know About Real Estate and Property

After a 2 month stint as a show flat marketing intern, here’s a post inspired by a friend who asked me what I’ve learnt from the internship. If I could choose 3 important things I think anyone should know especially about purchasing their first property or real estate locally, it would be these.

1.  Investing in real estate and property is wise, especially in high-density cities. 

In places like Singapore where there is an ever increasing population, the prices of real estate and property can only go one way, UP. So you know you’d want to invest in them when you have the $.

2. Buy a HDB (Housing Development Board) flat first.

Especially if you are eligible, i.e. you are a Singaporean citizen or a Permanent Resident because not only the government gives a $20,000 – $30,000 grant (“free” money!) to first time buyers, it is almost 100% guaranteed that the price of your HDB will increase when you sell it off after you’ve completed the MOP (Mandatory Occupation Period, which is currently set at 5 years, i think). So after 5 years of living in your HDB, you can sell it at a profit and move on to purchase a resale HDB, ideally a place that’s bigger and more convenient. Or, you can use the profit and purchase a condominium.

Make sure to purchase a HDB while you’re still earning less than $8,000 a month and do not own any private property or you won’t be eligible to buy one! There are other eligibility requirements to buying a HDB, like having a family nucleus, so you can only buy if you are married or have a fiance/fiancee. Singles can only buy after the age of 35.

3. Don’t be fooled by the showflat. 

If you are looking to purchase a private condominium especially for the first time, do not be taken in by the show-flat. As a show-flat marketing intern for 2 months, I have come to know that the show-flat:

– Shows the biggest unit available. For example, for 3 bedroom, there can be the 1000sf and there can be the 900sf kind. The show-flat will always be the biggest unit available and if applicable, with the balcony or PES (private enclosed space) on ground floor. The PES will easily add about 80sf, and that’s a lot. The view you’ll see will also likely be the best, and not the bin-centre or substation. Never assume that what you see at the show-flat is what you’ll get.

– Will be adorned with the best interior decoration that can easily cost up to hundreds of thousand dollars. That includes mirrors in every room, to create the illusion of space when the actual floor size is small. The mirrors and most of the interior decoration are usually not provided on purchase, hor. The interior decoration with the expensive linen and furnishing creates a very exclusive, beautiful and ideal home environment, all to induce you to buy it. So don’t be taken in by the superfluous beauty and be in for a “surprise” when you open the door to a smaller than expected, empty and plain unit after you collect your keys. Make sure you know just how big (read small) the unit along with the exact accompanying furnishing that you intend to purchase and not make assumptions based on the show-flat!

The key things you’d look out for before buying the property: floor size, location (whether it’s convenient for public transport, near good schools, shopping places, etc), view (not the bin centre or blocked by buildings or trees) and accompanying furnishing.

All in all, even if you’re super rich, purchasing a home or any property for that matter, is usually a major life decision and one that costs a huge chunk of your income/savings. So it will pay to be careful and to do your own research and homework. Don’t rely on the marketing agent to analyze the property for you. Make sure you know what you’re paying for. Read through the brochure carefully, especially those in fine print and prepare a list of questions you want to know and ask the property agent you’re attended by at the show flat.

These are the 3 important points I’ve learnt, hope you’ve learnt something new too!


Studded shoes!

I went shopping today! I meant to head down to City Plaza (Near Paya Lebar Mrt Station) to check out the store, Skim. City Plaza has a lot of wholesale/retails stores so you can get clothes at quite a bargain if you buy a few pieces at a go, ideal when shopping with friends! So the store Skim is one such store and I like their designs that I saw on their website. But when I went down to see the pieces, I didn’t buy anything from the store but I ended up with several other stuff from other stores!

Among which are two shoes, like this studded pair…

And this flat with skull decor! 🙂I promised myself that I won’t buy cheap shoes, especially after purchasing Rubi’s 2 for $30 (or something like that) but I couldn’t resist buying these… They were only $12.90 each, I reckoned I should get them cause my heart won’t break even if they do. Lol!

I also got pretty vest, tops and skirts. New clothes for school, yay! It’s nice that I’m a fashion student so I can wear fancy clothes to school when I like it. It can be a pressure to dress up sometimes but we mostly dress simply, albeit with style. 🙂 We don’t wreck our heads as to what we’d wear to school each day (although Bini does sometimes, lol) and when we’re running late, anything goes!  I think I will try to take more pictures of what my friends and I dress to school when school starts! I dare say that Lasalle students are the coolest and most stylishly dressed bunch in Singapore. 😉

School timetable’s not out yet and I was just talking to Azalea, a classmate about it on FB. We are getting quite psyched about school starting and happy that our “orientation” is on Monday morning and not held this week, which is the case for other level 2 fashion comm/design students. Woohoo!

Enjoying my week thus far, hope you are too!



Members Only Retail Sites | Singsale Vs Ideeli

Update: @Ideeli actually tweeted me back after I tweeted about this post, to inform that they don’t ship to Singapore, yet. Oops, sorry for the assumption! Let’s wait till Ideeli ships to Singapore! But even if they don’t, can still use Vpost service ya! 🙂


Have you heard of Ideeli or Singsale? They are basically members only retails sites that I’ve been introduced to by my friends recently and I’d like to share with you!

As taken from their website, “Singsale is a leading members-only online shopping club in Singapore and the doorway to affordable designer fashion. Every day we host sales for the top fashion brands in the world.  Singsale members can access these sales and enjoy savings of up to 80% on ladies, men’s and children’s fashion and accessories as well as beauty and homeware brands.”

Ideeli’s brand profile’s pretty similar. “ideeli is a leading members-only retail site that delivers a fun and engaging daily shopping experience with a curated selection of offerings across the categories of apparel, accessories, home, shoes, kids, travel and experiences – all available at privileged prices.”

After checking out their sites, here are the few differences I’ve found:

  • Singsale which is under APAC group, hosts mainly Australian brands while Ideeli, being American, hosts mainly American brands.
  • Singsale charges $8.50 for shipping to Singapore while Ideeli charges $9.95. Which is reasonable, as America is further than Australia.
  • Singsale limits members to one sale event at a time on their site while Ideeli allows their member to open as many tabs to as many sale events available on their site.
  • Singsale requires members to check out their items with each sale event while Ideeli allows members to check out with items from different sales event.
  • Singsale states a general 2-4 weeks for shipping period while Ideeli will specify how long the specific product will take to ship, usually from 1-2 weeks, which is faster.
  • Singsale rewards members with S$10, while Ideeli rewards US$25 if their invitees purchase from the site…
Which brings me to the point… Sign up for Singsale and Ideeli (which I’ve linked with my invite code) and not only will you’ll enjoy great savings but I’ll also be rewarded for inviting you if you make a purchase! You can also then invite your friends and stand to be rewarded! 😉 From here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!
Singsale (Prices in S$)
Cherrylane / Hood Biker Jacket-8451-Black $33.95 UP$110.00
Um, I’ve always wanted a leather jacket, but I won’t be buying this although it’s cheap cause I want one that’s not too thick for Singapore’s hot weather. And I assume it is thick cause it’s from Australia where it’s cold… lol.
Mavi Jeans – Butchers Hook / Rack Women’s s/s scoop V-Neck-XP1016100-White – $13.95 UP $39.00
I have to say, white V-neck tees is one of my favourite staples and this would be cheap especially if you buy more to make the most of the shipping costs. They have the shirt in other colours as well as in men’s!
Mavi Jeans – Butchers Hook / Chop – mens s/sl V-Neck-XP0002100-White Premium
The model looks awkward...
Board shorts with cool cosmic prints!
The Boot Australia / Ladies Short Ugg-Sbi002-Pink – $19.50 UP$81.00
Honestly I’m not a fan of Uggs boots cause they’re not really pretty and I think they look warm and weird for Singapore. But if you’re channeling cute Japanese style (like Xiaxue) you can totally grab these at a steal! Ok, there are actually a few more deals at Singsale right now, selling men’s clothes as well as Kitchenware and Kids-wear and home ware… which I’m totally not into. So you can check them out on your own! 🙂
Now going on to..
Ideeli (Prices in US$)
Michael by Michael Kor Colourblock Sweater Dress – $59.00 UP $135.00

I love black, white, grey and dresses in this combination! I’ve come to realize that I’m very, almost too conservative for a fashion student. But it could also be that I just like the professionalism of these grey-scale colours. In any case, I’ve been controlling myself to not buy too many black dresses and to explore more colours, like peach, navy blue and printed dresses. 🙂 Going back to this dress, i think that it’s a good deal for a brand name like Michael by Michael Kor. And the thing about prestigious brand names is that you know they won’t compromise on material and quality.
BCBGeneration Sweatshirt Top – $29.00  UP $88.00

I like the silver detail on the top, it’s both stylish and laid-back at the same time!
RENE ROFE Dot Girl Push Up Bra/Bikini Set – $10.00 UP $22.00
You should know by now that I really like black and pink colour combination… even for underwear, lol! I really enjoy “window shopping” on these sales sites because I am exposed to more brands out there. 🙂 Never heard of Rene Rofe previously, but after seeing their sales event on Ideeli, and a short google on them, I know they’re an American brand with cute and affordable designs! Not sure about their quality but it looks pretty decent and fitting!

I wanted to purchase a bra and boyshort set from Rene Rofe’s sale but alas, they didn’t have them in my size… Of course, there is the concern of fit, but as with most online shopping, going with the standard sizing is pretty safe. I digress, I’m usually size M for tops and dresses so it’s pretty easy to shop in stores or online! Thankful that shopping for clothes can be a breeze with regards to sizing cause there’s usually plenty in my size, hehe. 🙂
R&M RICHARDS Twofer Dress with Tucking – $39.00  $90.00
This is a pretty working dress! Good for office and teaching wear.
From my preliminary research into the two sites, It’s pretty clear that they are primarily targeting working office ladies, followed by possibly tech-savvy stay home moms, then working men. There’s abundant of female work wear, casual wear, accessories, shoes and bags in both sites. And majority are quite conservative designs. But it’s definitely still worth the time to check the sites out for the minority cool designs on big discount! 🙂
I shall repeat here and save you the trouble of scrolling up,  Sign up for Singsale and Ideeli (which I’ve linked with my invite code) and not only will you’ll enjoy great savings but I’ll also be rewarded for inviting you if you make a purchase! You can also then invite your friends and stand to be rewarded! 😉

Trigger Point

I posted on twitter recently:

I feel like, I have all these tears inside of me just waiting to erupt. But I would rather swallow my tears than acknowledge them.

And to that, I’d like to add, that it seems that I have a never-ending well of tears within me. I hate to be dramatic, but I’m not exaggerating.

I just ended a phone call with my friend, M. We belong to a group of friends that I used to be very tight with. But somehow, along the way, after a few missed group gatherings, I was no longer invited to the gatherings and “forgotten.” That was last year. It hurt me a great deal and I was quite upset. I’ve gotten over it quite some time ago, and the reason I called him was to ask/clarify if there was any tension or hard feelings anyone in the group had with me. He said no and I was explaining how I came to feel the way I do and that I wanted to know the truth, if there was any, now that I’m past caring. He apologized a few times, of which I told him not to feel sorry. He explained that things just happen, and just is, as with timing. But I guess the truth is that they just never cared too much about me, or at least not as much as I cared about them. The hurt still hurts and still stings. So I cried, I guess my pride just won’t let me admit that I still care. Still hope they’d care more about me. Ha!

Alright, I’ve packed my room, with a little more stuff to clear. Preparing for school which will start on Monday. Planning for check up with the dentist and eye doc, meet up with friends and clear readings before school starts! Yowza~

I think I can be read like an open book. That’s why I’ve grown to be introverted. Cause I’m not good at lying, I’d rather just shut-up, clamp up, than let it all out and cry, cause I hate to be the whining/crying/weak girl. I’m just too proud for that. And I think that all that’s happening is just proving that I need to head back to God. And that I need to stop thinking/feeling that what’s happening is preventing me from going back to him.


Pictures | Rockin’ 21st Party!

Hello ~!

As promised, here’s the collection of photos from my recent 21st Birthday party! 🙂

There’s something I’ve been holding in a long time and I haven’t told anyone in particular about it. I won’t be naming names so here goes the story. About 1 year plus ago I was asked to be a friend’s date for an army ball. I wasn’t very close to the friend but I agreed. Then about 4 months ago I came to know that the friend’s gay. I don’t condemn gays and I have gay friends. It’s just that I feel… used. Because we’re not very close, when he came out (on fb, friends told me about it), he didn’t tell me about it and we also didn’t talk about it because although I’m pretty open about such things, it can be pretty awkward and I won’t initiate to talk about it. But I would have really appreciated it if he had told me then, before the ball that he’s gay and he needed a date. But then again, maybe he wasn’t clear about his orientation then. And I guess I just have no guts to talk to him about it now. Oh wells. That’s why I’m talking about it here.

Ok but why I mentioned this is because it made me feel like TIME PASSES SO QUICKLY!!! In this one year, that friend came out, posted a lot of photos of him and his other (I assume) gay friends on fb. And like I just feel that in one year so much can happen!  It really did seem just like yesterday that I celebrated my birthday last year. But like for me I feel like my one year didn’t have many things happening. It felt pretty stagnant, and that’s sad.

My last day of internship ends tmr!!! I bought presents for my colleagues – Merci chocolates, Cadbury Old Gold Liqueur flavoured chocolates, Alicafe premium gold coffee and Dilmah gourmet tea ! I <3 Coffee, tea and chocolates and they make excellent gifts! Going to wrap them now and go to sleep. 😀


I’m 21!

Hello guys & girls! I’m officially legal! Not that there’s anything I’m dead eager to do with my officially legal age… To me, being 21 is just another number! In fact I think being 20 is a bigger milestone for me, or rather was a bigger milestone because at 20, I was no longer a “teen” ! LOL. Ok, now I’m an adult! And I’m not exactly looking forward to it cause it entails tons of responsibilities! *Shudders*

It’s actually really late now, so here’s just a preview of the photos from my pre-birthday party on Friday! I’ll upload the rest with captions another time soon! I think I’ll also be uploading photos of my Batam trip with friends although the photos aren’t glam but it was a pretty fun trip with the great and fun company! 🙂

Here’s me with the cake my friends bought/surprised me with at TCC! 🙂

With the awesome bunch of girls! We go way back from secondary school! How time flies!!!With the boys all looking cool in black & white! m/
And me posing with a hand drawing Yiting drew for me! 😉 Btw I was wearing a bandana that was the party favour! Cool huh! 😀

I really enjoyed the dinner at TCC cause the food was good. 🙂 However I was pretty disappointed with the Ying & Yang bar because there was a miscommunication with my reservation. I reserved for 20 but ended up with 6?! >: ( Thankfully they managed to resolved it but it was unfortunate that we went after a rain so it was pretty hot and humid at the alfresco rooftop bar. Thankfully I asked the girls to retire to the room first cause the rain came pouring down while I was settling the bill and while the boys waited with me… Settling the bill was… another nightmare cause it was super crowded, plus confusion from the rain and I didn’t transfer enough cash into my current account (from my savings account, gasp!) so I had to ask a friend to foot half of it first, lol! All in all I don’t think the bar was a good idea although the drinks (and arguably, service) were pretty good. But the crowd was mainly caucasians and the music was mehhh.

The Club Hotel was pretty good though! My friends were pretty impressed with the place, especially with the decor and the white carpet (a lot more so than I was, haha) so it’s a place I’d go back, for a cosy night with fewer people/head count. 🙂

All in all I think the party was a success, I enjoyed the parts of spontaneity, like the surprise cake for me at TCC but unfortunately my friends and I were mostly tired/exhausted from work/internship/army/uni-camps that we just didn’t have the stamina nor mood to last through the night. That made me pretty disappointed and I kicked a small fuss (pseudo mad, saying “like that la, leave early when I booked you 3 weeks in advance” talk) with the boys who had to leave early. (Even though after they left, all we did was just sleep cause really we were too tired, HAHA)

On the whole I’d say I enjoyed the experience and I think it’s a success if my friend enjoyed themselves. Hopefully they weren’t just placating me when they say they did. But truthfully I felt pretty down after the party, partly because of PMS (aka pre-menstrual syndromes) which made me emo (plus bloated which sucked max cause I looked fatter in my birthday photos, sigh). And the whole prep of this birthday party and post party made me sad cause I’d rather not celebrate my birthday because I think the whole point of birthdays is for others to celebrate/kick a big fuss over you. But I guess this time round, I decided to do it mostly for my friends(part get-to-gether, part dressing up in fun) and I think I’d consider it worth while. But I guess it’s fair to say that while I did enjoy myself, and I don’t regret organizing it, I’d still rather if someone else did the whole hoo-ha for me instead.

And I think the thing that made me most upset was this time around, people that I was really close to and mattered a lot to me, just wasn’t around. Maybe it’d be fairer to say that people who are supposedly closer to me, disappointed me. I don’t think it’s unfair for me to expect of certain things. But also with time, I’ve come to accept not to have much expectations so I won’t be disappointed. Honestly, I don’t care much about my birthday, especially this year. I did this 21st birthday really for the heck of it. Ever since I was 19, I don’t really care about my birthday.

Side tracking, this year felt pretty weird, cause I celebrated it on 15 July and 17 July itself I didn’t treat or felt as if it was my birthday, lol. I met up with a group of friends and only 2 out of 6 know it’s my birthday and they didn’t celebrate for/with me. I’d be disappointed 2 years back, but now It’s not that I don’t care, but I accept that certain people/friends are like that.

Ok, the thing is birthday happens to be a good indication of who you’re closer to, who bothers to celebrate with you/facebook/sms you. And although I fully agree that friendship isn’t based on what he/she does on your birthday, it happens to be a pretty good indication for me, between my best friends. And I guess, in this case(s), disappointment isn’t the word. But that the prognosis is simply that we are no longer as close as we use to be and its a little saddening. And the realisation hits me that I’m just not close to any people in particular anymore. Increasingly I keep all my private and not so private thoughts to myself, my blog and my twitter, and that’s sad. Although looking on the bright side, I have also made new friends via my blog and twitter, haha.

So moving on, life’s like that. We move on, we meet new friends. We keep in contact with old friends, we deepen or we could burn old ties. It all depends, but all I can say is that it takes two to clap and though I admit I can be pretty cold and aloof, many times it also happens to the the people I meet, the friends I make that made me this way. Oof!

I sure am not as optimistic as I was before, but it isn’t to say that I’d remain this way. I’ve had a negative outlook for a long time and I’d like a positive change right about now. I’ve shared a lot more than I intended and it’s time for me to go sleep!

Let another week of work begin and then 1 week of real holiday then school! Ah! I just can’t believe time flies so quickly!





MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is introducing a range of 25th Anniversary Limited Edition packs for a limited time only. The limited edition packs will feature a fresh face on the outside but the same juicy goodness that’s high in vitamins inside. So design a pack that says fresh to you and if your entry is voted tops, you’ll stand a chance to walk away with fresh prizes !


Top 3 Freshest Designs
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Simply upload your design here! 🙂

If you don’t fancy submitting a design, you can simply vote for your favourite design and stand a chance to win prizes too! 🙂

Vote for your favourite design here! Let me know if you win a prize! 😉


Partyyy like a Rockstar, Tonight!


Tonight, will be the night I’ve planned for the past 3 weeks! It’ll be my 21st Birthday bash, 2 days early! With thanks to my parents’ and elder sister’s loving sponsorship.

The day will first start with me packing my bag with mascara, eyeliner, nail polish to give my friends a Rocker makeover and as well as my party clothes to change into after checking in and prepping the hotel room!

Then I’ll go to the Salon and get my hair Rocker ready by tie-ing the sides and creating a faux Mohawk. Then I’ll meet Yi Ting, my partner-in-rockin’ and we’ll go shop for snacks and alcoholic drinks, pick up my balloons and streamers which I ordered last night and cab down to the hotel to prep the room!

Then we’ll prep ourselves and head down to TCC @ Citylink for dinner with the rest of the gang. After our 1for1 Pasta or Main course (GSS promotion) dinner, we’ll pick up my Coco Exotic Birthday cake at Epidor before heading to Ying Yang Rooftop Bar at The Club Hotel, located at 28 Ann Siang Road. We’ll then drink the first round of drinks before proceeding to the room for more games and fun.

That’s the plan. Sounds good? I’m just going to kick back, relax and let it all happen. I’ve already put in a lot of effort and I’m going chill and expect Murphy’s Law to just come upon, so no pressure there. Just hope it’ll be a day/night/party everyone who’s coming can enjoy!


(Belated) June Visual Inspirations!

I didn’t fully upload the images I collected over the last month and more, I’ll upload them with those in the month of July. I’m also lazy to caption them one by one so I’ll just do a collective credit. In no order, the images above are taken from: LaModeOutre, Passivedreams, Altamira, NYmag’s The Cut, Xiaxue, Style Bubble, MDS, The Selby, friends’ Facebook.

What do you think about June’s cut of visual inspiration? It’s got a strong summery feel isn’t it? You’ll also see a lot of rocker chic inspired images for my 21st birthday party! 🙂 You’ll also find quite a bit of photos on Korean celebrities in recent korean dramas that I am watching, like ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Best Love’. :p

Amongst the fashion photos you’ll also see photos of my ex church cell group leader, Matthew’s wedding! He held a church wedding in Singapore and had a beach wedding in M’sia, where his wife, Janice is from. All the best to Matt and Janice! 🙂

This is already a curated, selection of images of many that I see for the whole month but I think that maybe I should be even more specific and selective. I think it would be a lot more useful to be specific so it helps people who are conducting research online. But I really do like all of these images one way or another! It kind of make sense to keep them as keeping an eye on what’s trendy and fashionable. But I don’t know if you all appreciate them… Or am I only satisfying my own vanity in uploading these pretty images on my blog and no one actually appreciates them? :/

I have at least 7 blog post ideas, related to internship, spring/summer fashion highlights, book reviews but I don’t have time/have not planned when I will write them because I usually write my blog posts with spontaneity.

Yea. I am going to rethink how I do this monthly visual inspiration post. Any ideas, anyone? 🙂 Even if it’s to placate me… I wish more people would comment/leave love notes for me here. 😛

Pre-birthday party preparation angst & is holiday ending so soon? :(

I am half regretting for deciding to have a 21st birtday party. The main concern, as with many things in life, is budget and another is the stupid hair extensions I put today 1) doesn’t meet my expectations, as to where they should be place 2) hurts like crap now cause their skills sucks ttm. It’s a long story but in short, my experience with hair extensions is a pretty bad one. With meeting bad service and bad skills. :(((

No mood to talk about other stuff already. Amongst other things is that I got a sudden realization today that holiday is ending and that I haven’t really been reading up on the fashion books I bought!

Feeling angst-y about many things in life. Sighhh. I blame it on the hormones.

Adv | PreVVIew: Asia’s First Interactive Video Job Portal!

Have you seen PreVView’s hilarious promotion video?! If you have not, check it out now! It’s sure to put a smile on your face! 😀

What is PreVView?

Prevview, Asia’s first interactive video job portal, aims to help individuals, companies and recruiters to differentiate themselves with the power of video resumes and profiles.

DID YOU KNOW that 55% of another person’s perception of you is based on how you look? So, if you are an undergraduate or a fresh graduate and need tips to know how to dress for your first interview, look no further!

PreVView has compiled a very comprehensive website on the Do’s and Don’ts of professional interview dressing for males and females, from head to toe! Check out the website here.

In addition, they also have articles providing interview tips, you may check them out here.

Last but not the least, PreVView is holding a competition titled Visume Wars. To take part, all you need to do is put together a Visume – Video Resumes – that is a clear representation of yourself, showing/telling why you would be a great employee to any organisation. You can sing, dance, rap, produce a movie or even sell a brick. Be creative, original and boldly express your best self! 🙂

In addition to winning actual job positions with your “Visume”, the top grand winner will win a brand new IPad 2. How cool is that!

If you are too shy to upload a Visume of your own, you can also visit the site to check out the submitted entries which are also sure tickle your funny bone with their quirky introduction and some pretty cheesy background music. 😛

Check out Visume Wars here.

I know that that’s a lot of beneficial information for your to digest, so you might want to bookmark this page for your future Visume’s reference. I do believe that Visume will be a trend that will grow stronger in this technological age! 😉