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Now that Blueprint is finally over, I am glad that I can take a breather and soon leave Singapore for Hong Kong and meet up with my best friend, Bini in Shenzhen! šŸ™‚ But before I leave, I want to note down my thoughts of my Blueprint trade and emporium experience.

Joining Blueprint as a project intern is a valuable experience which I am grateful for as I have made many new friends through it. Although the monetary reward is abysmal, I feel that I would still do it all over again given a chance because of the exposure I gained.

As a project intern, my tasks were mainly mundane and unglamorous. Prior to the events, it mainly consisted of compiling and/or editing lists of names, brand profiles, images, liaising with the designers to remind them of their show fittings, rehearsals etc. When the event took place it was mainly ensuring the designers outfits came in backstage on time for preparation and ensuring the soles of the shoes on loan were properly masked with tape so that they are returned in good condition.

The last week has been tiring as it required a lot of time on my feet (particularly tiring if I chose to wear heels that day). The first few days of the events were more eventful as the event just started and several on the spot actions had to be taken. Like how the VIP guest list for the designers we collated were not received by the events company taking charge of the registration booth so we had to rush to print for them about 1-2 hours before the event. And less than 15 minutes before the preview party started we were still deciding how to best arrange the accessory table that accompanied the show. It was hectic and exhausting but quite fun I must say.

Through this internship I saw first hand how a major event like this comes together and it is no mean feat!!!

The most rewarding part of the internship is meeting people in the industry. Especially friendly people! Dedicated people from Mercury like Jo, Denise, Cat, Michelle, Tjin, Jasmine, Dorothy and Charmaine. Designers like Jackie of J JS Lee, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein, Jose Duran are all real lovely people. And meeting media friends like Sarah of Wottoncool, Mian Han of 360 Degree, Viona and Chuck of Fash Forward as well as fellow interns/volunteers like Mythili, Nidya, Victoria, Sherrilyn, Rita, Alexis, Elizabeth, Nicholas. šŸ™‚

Mostly I just want thank God for blessing me with such an enriching experience although I complained quite a fair bit when meeting hiccups and even when I have not been waking up for Sunday morning service and also I overslept a lot…

I will follow up this internship reflections with two more posts of 1. Intern perspective: What to expect from an internship 2. Employer’s perspective: what you can offer and expect from your intern


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