Men’s Fashion Week Singapore Day 2

Today’s order of things at MFW went a lot better and smoother. 🙂

Saw lotsss of celebrities for Passion Hair / Fashion Runway. I was at the gate checking tickets so I got to meet all of them. All looking very glamourous! We totally did not expect so many stars so we were very excited and overwhelmed. Hehe. For his show, David Gan was probably trying to prove a point that Men can look manly in long hair. Point proven.

Raoul show was quite disappointing, probably because of the season they were showing, Fall/Winter which uses a lot of muted colours which is so bleh for Singapore. Local designers Reckless Erika was the best among the lot for contemporary wearable clothes in my opinion. I personally love the camel coloured cape featured in the show. (But then again, most probably too warm for Singapore’s weather). My school senior, Samuel showcased Evenood featuring a lot of meggings (men leggings) and shorts (very apt for Singapore). A lot of our school tutors and seniors were in attendance to show support! 🙂 Atzu was interesting in the 3D design featured on the tops and attracted a lot of attention by getting Utt, En Lai and Julian Hee to walk for the brand. Haha.

Today’s event line up was way better than I’ve expected. I guess being in Lasalle’s Fashion school and having worked in AFF last year does make me more connected to Singapore’s fashion circle and in turn making it more exciting to be part of this MFW. 🙂

Shall head to bed and awake for morning digital drawing class! 😀


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