Royal Wedding 2011!

It’s the Royal Wedding for Prince William and Princess Catherine!

I followed the wedding except for the church procession (because I was on the way home from work). And it’s so amazing and breath-taking. Everything was so pretty, lovely! The couple, the guests, the bridesmaid and paige-boys, the horse-carriages, the crowd, the confetti! It was and probably is better than scenes from a movie! I tweeted, it deserves a photobook on it’s own and in this age, a Blu-ray disc of it’s own!

If you missed the “Live”show… No worries, I bring you the climax!:

The first public kiss of the Royal couple! Hahaha! Credits to my sister’s friend who captured this picture on the live streaming! They actually kissed twice, the second time was upon the crowd’s enthusiastic chanting “Kiss again!”.

Alright~ If you want to know more, go check out BBC’s site here as well as The Royal Channel on Youtube here. 😉

Ciaos~ (Bye in Italian, learning a bit right now.)

Noël Caleb; On-stage glamour, Off-stage grace.

Noël Caleb's Logo

A new local designer label, Noël Caleb means Christmas and Devotion combined. With the spirit of thanksgiving, here’s a label sewn with every fashion designer’s heart and love.

Noël Caleb 2011 Debutante Collection: The Ballerina Diaries

For their debutante 2011 collection, Noël Caleb is inspired by the archetypal Parisian ballerina. The collection is a juxtaposition of gentle float with structural strength. A collage of the feminine from boardroom to ballet. Drapes and weaves bind in a spirt of unconventional chic. From fresh-cut cyan to candyfloss pink, Noël Caleb carry the modern Lilith through the days, and holidays.

For the Noël Caleb’s Blogger Styling Competition 2011, I collected 3 pieces from their debutante collection, styled two looks and engaged my sister, Jia Hui’s assistance for some fun photo-taking!

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For the first style, I paired the Noël Caleb outfit with a Topshop Cyan bag and Rubi Hot Pink shoes, matching the colours of the Tatiana top. The look gives a youthful and funky vibe. Perfect for a lunch date at a restaurant or a girl’s day out!

Take a look at the contrasting cyan with pink polka dot fabric on the reverse side of the skirt!

I really like the outer sleeveless jacket Paloma. Makes me look and feel like a modern warrior. ^^

For the second look, I styled the outfit with a vintage Rose Bertin bag and D&C red and white stripped shoes. It channels an old-school charm, fitting for teachers and office executives.

This look is really ideal for a tea-time break where you skip off to an alfresco cafe and dive into your favourite read while sipping coffee.

Dressed in a vintage style, I couldn’t resist posing with the bamboos and looking all old-school in it! 😛

Close up photo showing the details of the Noël Caleb attire.

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To end off this post, here’s a last image of me with a beautiful bamboo backdrop! According to chinese culture, Bamboo symbolizes the Scholar. According to Living Arts Originals website, “The bamboo is considered a gentleman with perfect virtues. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength.”

I hope you enjoyed the post and I would like to wish you & the Noël Caleb label all the best for your future ahead!

All photo credits to my sister, Jia Hui. 🙂 You may follow her on her Twitter, here.

If you like, you may purchase Noël Caleb designs online here.

In the above photos, I am wearing:

1. Noël Caleb’s Tatiana Top, Pink with green polka dot, M size. (Although S would have been a better fit for me.)
2. Noël Caleb’s Paloma (Sleeveless), Pink, S size.
3. Noël Caleb’s Nathalie, Red, L size.

My day about the City

Hello! First week of Summer Hol’s is turning out quite fine!

Yesterday I had lunch and movie outing with my sister Jia Hui before attending a cozy sharing session with KIN and Sifr personnels, Faudil and Chris. My sister and I watched Hop and it was quite a ludicrous show. It was quite disappointing to say the least and we felt, a real waste of James Marsden (Cyclops from X-men) and Kaley Cuoco’s (from Big Bang Theory) acting. talent.

So today met up with Martin at Marine Parade to head to East Coast beach to show some scenes for a video contest he’s taking part in. I was acting as a reckless skater who did not take safety measures, fell and knocked my head into a pole. 😛 It was quite awkward getting the footages because I have not skated(I call it the heels on wheels) in two years and I was not used to skating on the bumpy pavements at East Coast. :/ Feel quite bad towards Martin for volunteering something I wasn’t good at. But I had fun acting, being by the beach and just having fun. Really hope he gets the top prize for the contest!

With Martin @ East Coast Beach
No wonder I love ice cream~
Cute buggy @ East Coast.

Then I headed to Tampines to pick up clothes for Noel Caleb’s styling and blogging contest!

Check out what I passed by at Tampines:

Local Sculptor Ng Eng Teng's Mother and Child!

Due to Ng’s distinctive style, I could immediately identify the work as his. was pleasantly surprised to see it at a garden in Tampines and what more, during the week we celebrate Mother’s Day! 🙂

Then on the way home, conveniently recee-ed a place near by home to take photos for Noel Caleb’s blog post.

Pretty, right? It’s at Technopark near my home. What a beautiful office area! I think it’s a really ideal place to take photos for Noel Caleb’s blog post. 🙂

For dinner, my sister Jia Hui brought my parents and I to Riccioti italian restaurant along Clark Quay. We had awesome pizza, Calzone and Salmon pasta ! *Yums*

Then I followed my sister to meet her friends for a short while at Chijmes. Check out the pretty sight!:

Like a Castle upon a hill.

And then I came home and started to work on styling the Noel Caleb pieces with the shoes and bags I have! Came up with 2 styles:

2 Styles: Vintage & Modern

I like both but I prefer Modern as it’s more funky and suitable for my age! Which style do YOU like?

As for makeup…  I think I will keep it simple and natural. Just hues of pink for my eyes and that should be it!

Blueprint project intern interview slated on Thursday morning. Excited for it! Will update again soon with photos for Noel Caleb! Please like Noel Caleb on Facebook and my photo when it’s out! (And ask your friends to like it too! :P)


When we grow, we grow complicated.

These kids will one day be in for a shock.

Just a thought I had yesterday.

It didn’t use to be like this before.

Maybe I was fortunate, but I had very pleasant classmates from primary school all the way till JC. Maybe I was nice, maybe I was fierce, I was never bullied and neither did I bully. But I had great friends. Classmates = friends and they all still are even today.

But now in Lasalle at college/uni level, classmates may not always = friends.

Or it could be a case where previously friends and then no more.

It happened with me last year in my first class.

It happened with at least 2 other classmates in my current class.

I don’t get it. If we are friends, friends stick till the end, we help one another out. We listen to explanations, we accept differences, weaknesses and even mistakes. HECK, school IS where you MAKE mistakes to learn from, to grow.

But no. Some people just derive a sick pleasure from breaking friendships I guess. The one who makes mistakes, the one who refuses to forgive. The line is blurred and there’s no right or wrong but no one compromises and the friendship is broken.

Then again, maybe as we grow older, we lose our innocence, we become hard and cynical, more demanding (“she/he should know better!”) and ultimately less forgiving. I speak for myself.

If injustice has been done to me, I promise I will try to forgive (at the least spend my life trying). That is what the bible teaches. But why some people will intentionally stir shit and exact injustice/betrayal/anything despicable to friends is just beyond me, unfathomable. To me, you never know what are on the minds of these people. ‘Cause they’re crazy and even they don’t know what they will do next, or even maybe why they do what they do.

Which leads to what I mentioned previously that as we grow older, the more guarded and cautious we become. We don’t trust the “newer” people we meet and we are less forgiving we are towards them precisely because we don’t have the trust in them that takes time to build.

Super ironic but true. Which makes me remember that as children we use to think that there were answers for everything. But it’s only when we grow up we realize we were grossly mis-informed. There is no right formula in relationships. There is no one perfect relationship guru who will or perfect guide book which will teach you how to right all wrongs. No such thing.

As a Christian, I have the privilege of a loving Father who gives me wisdom and love to conquer issues. And I have very thankful for that. But one needs courage even to forgive and forget. One needs to live it, to experience it, to face up to it eventually.

Which leads me to the last point being: I strongly believe it pays to be kind. I know it sounds ludicrous, insane and stupid. But forgive those who did wrong against you. Forget whatever hurt and pain they placed you through. HECK, THANK THEM for it.  God for placing them in your life to make you stronger, to teach you patience. BECOME a BETTER person and one day write a card to them saying “Thanks for the hurt, it made me stronger. I am more successful precisely because of what you did.”

WHY? When we forgive, we let go of the hurt and the pain that bugs US, not them.
And because sometimes we also have our loose-screws moments and we become the people that needs forgiveness. When in that place, we need God’s favour and men’s to be forgiven.

This is by no means is an excuse for you to be an ingrate and go around hurting people just ‘cus it’s gonna make people stronger. But I hope that if you have been hurt, you can take heart with what I just shared.

To end off, I just want to share a very real and true story. My friend, Shan Mei’s friend, nicknamed “Cel” passed away yesterday because of a hit and run incident. She was also a student in Lasalle. She lived and breathed in the very school I attend. She was born in 1987. (Which make Facebook very incredible you can know so much about a person.) My friend posted the update on Facebook and her friends expressed disbelief. Life IS vulnerable. I could have been the one (considering if the incident was near school, I’m not sure if it was).

If we see things in this perspective, is it worth it to hold on to grudges and make living a pain? Isn’t it better to let it go, live freely and embrace the world without cares?

And of course, treasure the friends from childhood, they are the ones who will trust you and whom you can trust implicitly.




I guess we often take the little things in life for granted. We only appreciate what we get at a cost. Ytd was a bad day of school. Usual school coordination issues. Gonna go sleep naoooo. Bye!

My Shi Fu Says…

After I told Shi Fu that I realize that the fan was not blowing in my direction after 2 hours…
What I learn from my shi fu:
Tai Wei
AM 12:14

well done


i tink u’re extremely perceptive of ur environment

tsk tsk

a jedi must know the surroundings

n n ur surroundings must be one

master it

n blend into it


u’ve much to learn young padawan

BTW I think cause I was too engrossed with doing work! Hehe. (Or more like distracted from talking to him and online. LOL)

Clocktower. Touching short animation film.

I don’t usually share videos but this one is really touching. My aunt Fonteyn sends me the most interesting links of Facebook (Fashion related competitions, Raoul Lucky Draw among others) and she was also the one that sent me the link of this video.

I was first struck by how beautiful and apt the music was for the animation and wondering if they specially produced the music for it. I was moved to tears because the character reminded me of myself.

I used to be in a tower, all sheltered, cheery and happy. In a world where skies were blue and balloons in the air. But one day when I stepped out into reality I found out that things weren’t always what they seem and I entered a very dark period of my life. I willed for things to pick up, like how the girl in the video wanted the balloon to fly again but nothing I did mattered.

Only on hindsight after watching the video I realize that I play a part in life and only when I fulfill the role, just as the girl does, it makes the world happy again. I know I am reading the video in a very personal way and you might see it differently. But I love the video, it touched me and I want to share it with you.


Sat Night Reflections; Pre-Submission Nerves & More ;)

Spent the week recovering from my full blown sickness. I’m almost all healed but seemed like I ate something bad for brunch today. I suspect my stomach didn’t take well to my favourite instant green tea coffee after just waking up. :'( So when I was printing stuff for Studio project at Bugis, I diarrhea twice. -.-“‘

I stayed up all night because I was doing the book for our studio project press kit. Slept only 5hours before I got up to head to the printer’s. Was supposed to lead WOW prayer meeting but went home for a short rest/break before I head to YPM.

I was super stressed last night because I only have till today to print the book (shop’s close on Sunday) for Monday’s submission. So when I was otw to the printer’s I was so anxious and tired from the lack of sleep. Although in all honestly I brought this on myself for starting work on the book so late. So I totally deserved it. I need to learn to not leave everything to the last minute and stressing over it.

Somewhere along the line from Bugis to home, I realize that in spending so much time on the project in the recent days, it became my “God”. I was so intense about getting the stuff right, getting it perfect to get the grades. I’m sure glad I realized it today and realigned my perspective. 🙂 God is still God, in His place, on the throne and in control! Fretting over the project is not going to get me anywhere. Placing my trust in Him will get me there. 🙂

I’m real glad I headed to YPM despite feeling tired and weak. We had street evangelism to invite strangers in the Marine Parade/Katong/East Coast vicinity to our special Sunday service next Sunday. It really takes courage to approach strangers and invite them. But the thought of someone coming to know the love of Christ is what spurred me on.

After street e., we had dinner at Mac’s and J phan shared about different schools of thoughts on christian theology. Ok, it might sound boring but it’s actually quite interesting. Basically, the Augustine v.s. Pelagius school of thought. In a very small nut shell, Augustine believes that sin is from the flesh but Pelagius believes it’s from habit. Can’t/don’t really want to flesh out (no pun intended) the details here but Ming and I agreed that we don’t really see the big deal on which school you believe in as long as ultimately you believe that Christ sets you free.

Personally I think I subscribe more on the side of Pelagius but I don’t see the necessity to say which side I’m on. When my mind is more alert, perhaps I’ll give more thought to it. Perhaps sharing this subject is not really the point. The point I want to bring across is that I feel very blessed and thankful to God for my cell, Benjamin. Especially for J. Phan and Ming. :’)

J. shared that he thinks youths in church are too doctrinally weak. On my way home I was just reminded that after Christ asked Peter if he loved him, He didn’t say “Love my sheep.”. He said “Feed my sheep.”. In all honesty I don’t think I have been feeding the sheep God  has entrusted to me to the best of my ability. Having had the sharing over celll sparked a little fire within me, to desire to desire the Word of God strongly again and to set the hearts of the people around me ablaze for Christ.

It’s time to shine again! 😉


Super sick

It’s been an eventful week. One that ends with me falling sick. Don’t remember when the last time I was this sick! 🙁 I was having a slight sore throat on Wednesday and felt really uncomfortable on Thursday but only went to the doc on Friday and been resting at home since.

Being sick really makes me grateful for health. When I have block nose, I am grateful for the times when I can smell the aroma of food without having to clear my nose. When I have sore throat, I am grateful for being able to swallow food without feeling pain. When I am aching all over, I am just grateful for being healthy… I can’t wait to recover!

Okie till next time.


Pictures: MFW Last Day & After Party

MFW was really really enjoyable! I really thank the team for having me with them and thank God for a smooth week. I had a blast working with friends, making new friends, getting friends into the shows! 🙂

The pictures are snippets of MFW, from shows to backstage (think a lot people interested to know what goes on behind the scene haha). I got them mostly from MFW Facebook as well as twitter. 🙂

MFW closing shows and after party was a blast! Martin came down to join the party and we met a lot of old friends and made a lot of new friends. I brought my cam and took pictures with friends from the event for memories’ sake. 😉

MFW boss Frank Cintamani boss announced that Women’s Fashion Week’s in October! Not sure if I’ll be able to help out but if it’ll be the same team, I believe it’ll be great fun to work together again.

Audi Fashion Fest (AFF) coming up next in MAY. Missoni will be closing for them. I will send in my application soon. I wanna help out at the Blueprint trade show! 😀

For now… I will focus on getting my 2 group projects doneee then it’ll be HOLIDAYS! Batam trip with 4Ayers coming right up in May! Yay! 😀

Pictures: MFW Day 3 & More

Photos are from Day 2 Reckless Erika Show. Featuring cute british model, chinese model (his hair bobs up and down when he walked) and model in the camel coat I like. 🙂

I haven found photos from Dresscamp for MFW Day 3. That show was awesome with furry princely coats and leopard prints and studded booties. It was very much uni-sex dressing.

I brought my cam but it was running low on batt so didn’t get to take much photos! :'(
I will go PREPARED on sunday and take photos with all my favourite models and people working there! 😀

Nowwww on to CCS essay, studio & marketing projects.



Men’s Fashion Week Singapore Day 2

Today’s order of things at MFW went a lot better and smoother. 🙂

Saw lotsss of celebrities for Passion Hair / Fashion Runway. I was at the gate checking tickets so I got to meet all of them. All looking very glamourous! We totally did not expect so many stars so we were very excited and overwhelmed. Hehe. For his show, David Gan was probably trying to prove a point that Men can look manly in long hair. Point proven.

Raoul show was quite disappointing, probably because of the season they were showing, Fall/Winter which uses a lot of muted colours which is so bleh for Singapore. Local designers Reckless Erika was the best among the lot for contemporary wearable clothes in my opinion. I personally love the camel coloured cape featured in the show. (But then again, most probably too warm for Singapore’s weather). My school senior, Samuel showcased Evenood featuring a lot of meggings (men leggings) and shorts (very apt for Singapore). A lot of our school tutors and seniors were in attendance to show support! 🙂 Atzu was interesting in the 3D design featured on the tops and attracted a lot of attention by getting Utt, En Lai and Julian Hee to walk for the brand. Haha.

Today’s event line up was way better than I’ve expected. I guess being in Lasalle’s Fashion school and having worked in AFF last year does make me more connected to Singapore’s fashion circle and in turn making it more exciting to be part of this MFW. 🙂

Shall head to bed and awake for morning digital drawing class! 😀