MFW Day 1

Working at MFW as an usher is an exciting job! 🙂 Meeting guests and they serve even us helpers awesome dinner and desserts before the show. There was cold duck, chicken and salmon and salads. And I got to see Godfrey Tsao. He looks better irl. 🙂 It was even more fun to work with my classmates and friends, Ser Li, Acelyn Bev and meeting Beatrice backstage!

We got to see the Hugo Boss show as well as Kim Choong Wilkins Showcase. The showcase was done in the Fashion Metropolis, an open area and about 12 models split into two parts with 1 model standing atop a revolving platform like a ken-doll for us to gawk at. The music was strong and tribal like in a korean/asian way.

We met  our Fashion tutor Lionel and Fashion head Circe there to when they came to watch the showcase. 😀

MFW will inevitably be compared with AFF. In terms of prestige, it is more glamourous as it is tied up and held at MBS, a world class hotel. However in terms of management there is still a lot lacking in terms of co-ordination and job task allocation. Guess the team is still very new to all these as it’s the inaugural MFW and the first time the team is taking on such a huge endeavour! Hopefully things get better each day!

Gonna go submit the application forms for Venice Biennale! So many people  know about us applying for it man! Hope we get it!

MFW Day 2 today! I’ll bring my camera to take photo of the venue and guests! Hehee.

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