Living a FREE Life~~~

Hello friends!

Check out this video of my friend Jing Wei and myself; our heads bobbing in the air!

Life is good, school is slack. Not much work and having a lot of fun with Bini and friends!!!

God is good, I managed to present my CCS presentation smoothly for the level 1s and 2s! I was nervous and unwilling to present for the level 2s but they were welcoming (with much thanks to my tutor, Lucinda) and it was quite a fun and happy experience for me to share my work! 🙂

Google reader is a really really good website/programme! I know I have been singing praises about it, if you don’t already subscribe to one, go do so now! It collects all your web subscriptions to one fine place and you can star and save your favourite articles for keeps! Through this programme, I have also been able to keep track of the really fine websites and they recommend other excellent websites of similar interest! So I have been able to be in the loop for all the fashion business related news. 🙂

So partly because of the news I read on google reader, I came across 2 websites, CLSA and LuxurySociety (already know this one back when I was researching for my Studio project) and I downloaded a few very informative and excellent analytic periodicals about the asian markets and rising markets. Reading the periodicals and being in a fashion management programme myself, I feel very inspired to start an International Luxury Brand Management school for asia markets! I have no idea how I am going to do that but this is my ambition! (In addition to my other ambition of being a business manager.) Ideally I will start work for a few years and find an opportunity to meet industry experts and business partners who are keen to start a school to train business managers for luxury brands in the asian market.

I just signed up for a weibo 微博 account, it’s like the China’s equivalent of twitter except it seems more developed! You can search and follow me: ENATEO! 🙂

Ok doks, goodnight folks!

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